Sun Classic Rules
Information and Tournament Rules

 Sun Classic Showcase

Information and Tournament Rules



The GPS address for the Facility is 700 S. Victory Way Kissimmee, Fl

Tournament Game Ball: Diamond


Contact Information:
Diamond 9 Events

Kevin O’Donnell, Tournament Director 732- 682- 1330

Games Committee:
The games committee will consist of tournament director Kevin O’Donnell and the umpire-in-chief.

Home Team:
Coin flip by umpires during pre-game conference to determine home team.
Home team will keep official score and will report score to Field Director at conclusion of game.

Dugout designation:
The team listed on the top of the schedule will occupy the 3rd base dugout unless the 3rd base dugout is occupied by a team from the previous game.

Team Hospitality:
There will be a hospitality tables set up each day during peak playing times between fields 10 and 11. Teams will be allowed to bring in their own team cooler, and fruit, supplement bars and bottled water. Each dugout will have water fountain and water cooler supplied by the tournament.

Inclement Weather:
In the event of rain or bad weather schedule revisions may occur. Every attempt to complete the full schedule of games will be made. The games committee will handle any revisions with the input from the facility coordinator. Please provide us with all pertinent cell phone numbers. We will have a text alert system in place.

Lineup Cards:
One lineup card for the scorekeeper is due to the scorers’ table 30 minutes prior to game time. Line-ups are not official until the lineup card is presented to the official at the pre game meeting.

Official Scorekeepers:
Diamond 9 Events have provided announcers and score keepers for each game

Participant credentials:
Your official team credentials for your players, coaches and staff will be handed out at check in.

At the Braves stadium mezzanine level. At check in your team will be provided with their credentials for Coaches, Staff and players.

All participants must have filled out a Disney waiver in order to receive their pass. Only 1 representative must be present.

Pre Game Infield:
No pre game infield will be allowed, but groundballs and fly balls will be allowed behind the base path on each side of the field. Both teams will share the field for warm up, so please use standard courtesy and safety procedures.


- 2014/2015 ASA rules will be used, unless specified in this document

- Fences will be set at 200 down the lines and 200 in centerfield

Free defensive substitutions, keep the integrity of the batting line-up the same

Time Limit:
1 Hour 25 min finish the batter Sunday 1 hour 20 min finish the batter minutes from the completion of the pre-game conference at home plate. Game time will be kept by umpires on the field. A new inning starts with the third out of the previous inning.

There will be 2 officials on every game. All Officials are ASA certified.

Each field is equipped with a pitching lane. There is extra warm up space beyond the fence line.

Warm up Area:
There will be warm ups allowed behind the fence line on all fields


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