Tournament Rules

2017 President’s Day Weekend Tournament Rules


  1. Batting Cages UNAVAILABLE!!!! The batting cages and warm up area between fields 12 &14, 14 &15 are unavailable due to Orange Blossom college event Friday – Sunday!
  2. Must use the outfield behind the fences
  3. Hitting must take place on warning track or gravel foul ball area – no cleats on grass for swings!


Pool Play:

  1. Games will be used for seeding!
  2. 80 minute games finish the inning– No new inning after 75 minutes. Games CAN end in a tie.
  3. You can bat 11 but only 11- free defensive substitutions
  4. Pinch runner for the pitcher and catcher only – must be someone not in the game or last batted out if no subs.


Elimination Games:

  1. HS Rules
  2. 80 minute games, no new inning after 75 minutes – must have a winner.  If there is a tie after time expires, game will go into ITB.
  3. Bat straight 9 all subs must be reported!
  4. Pinch runner for pitcher and catcher only – sub or last batted out if no sub is available.
  5. Championship game is a full 7 inning regulation game

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